Monday, October 29, 2012

Fashion Essentials: The Denim Jacket Project

I have been trolling the malls and thrift stores for the perfect denim jacket. Though there are some runner ups here and there, there is always something a bit off. Maybe the jacket is too big, or the sleeves are too long, or too short! I want something with a little heft, and with interesting details. Unsurprisingly, I have found it from the sale rack at Topman! Most of my friends will know that I have a sizable amount of clothes from Topman. Well, what can I say, I love their basic tee which comes in whole plethora of colors. I have shirts in rust, pinks of different variations, blues, greens, purples all from Topman. Not to mention, a pair of pants in red and another one in purple.

Anyway, lemme share some back story of the denim jacket which I got. It is from a collaboration  from Topman and six different designers to recreate the denim jacket. One of the designers is "Shaun Samson". 

When I first saw him, I immediately thought he looks like a Filipino. Well what do you know! After much searching, found out that he indeed is one. Mabuhay kabayan!

Anyway, he is a young designer born in California and now residing in London. He has degrees from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (LA) and Central St Martins. He does amazing menswear pieces which is one part preppy, one part gangster, 100% cool. His Cali sensibilities shows in his pieces.

tdenim6 Topman Denim Jacket Project
The Denim Jacket

I chose to use the photo above with the model's back to us as it showcases what captures my attention. Shaun has added a layer of mesh/net material in the back of the denim jacket adding some rock and roll flavor to the typical denim jacket. The only downside is that the jacket is lined, which means, I can only wear it in really cold conditions. (My office, LOL, for example).

I apologize as I don't have a picture of myself in it, lousy blogger! You might catch a glimpse of me wearing it when I post it in instragram (Follow me there, and on twitter, too! @eli_AR).

See yah later!

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