Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall Fashion Wishlist 2012

Living in the tropics has its advantages and disadvantages style-wise.

On the plus side, we don't have seasons. You can wear a tee, a pair of jeans and sneakers all year round. Maybe, you can pull off a jacket when it rains. This means that the t-shirt you bought in May will still wearable come December. This fits the bohemian in me. 

The downside is that it gets pretty boring. Because you wear the same things over and over again. My dandy side will not be happy. Stores do carry nice woolen coats and puffy jackets but unless I'm flying to some place colder, I'm not buying them.

So what's a guy gonna do? Buy in fall colors, that is. Think burnt orange, burgundy, brown, forest green, navy and/or royal blue, purple, teal and list goes on. Leave the neon stuff behind as fall calls for darker, richer colors. 

Below are a few stuff you might be interested to get this fall.

First on my list are chinos/trousers/pants. Something in deep red or green as a base for my  gray t-shirts. If you are not ready for full on pants in burgundy, try buying a pair of shorts in these colors instead.

I have been on the look out for burgundy trousers and this might fit the bill. 
This pair is from Topman and is priced at £28.00, roughly SGD$60. Although it will probably costs more in Singapore stores.

Second option is this pair of dark green trousers from H&M and is a steal at SGD$39.90 only.
I love that there is a slight stretch in the pant's leg. 

You can also choose a safer colored trousers like this pair from Asos (SGD$55.04) in navy.
It is slim and not skinny! With a straight leg and is 100% Cotton

Now for shoes, I guess most guys should have at least two pairs in their arsenal. Something in leather (genuine or not) for formal or corporate looks and a sneaker for play. I said sneaker, not your athletic one that you wear when running.

Loving the basic, no fuss shape of this shoe and it comes in burgundy or brown.
SGD 79.90 from H&M.

My go-to sneakers will always be a pair of white low cut Chuck Taylors.

Lastly, I am always on the look out for cardigans. Though, I live in the tropics, it gets chilly sometimes. I wear them all the time at work as our office temp gets pretty cold during mid afternoon. Or in theaters/movie-houses.

This cute burgundy cardigan from Topman gets my vote as polka dots is one of my favorite prints.

Another option is this cardigan from H&M.
It comes in perfect colors like burgundy, blue, green and this basic beige number.
Priced at SGD$24.90.

So there you go, I'm not saying you go out and buy them altogether and wear them at the same time. You can pair the trousers featured above with a white/gray dress shirt and call it a day. Pair the leather shoes with your trusty denims. Or wear the polka dot cardigan with a plain tee and cutoffs on a night on a beach perhaps. The choice is yours.

See yah later!

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