Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fashion Essentials: Bringin' it to the Hood

The "Hoodie" it is. I was always been a fan of hoodies. Specially the plain cotton ones worn over basic tee, jeans and sneakers.

Case in point: 

This lovely shade of gray on this jacket in sweatshirt fabric from H&M
They also come in navy blue and burgundy as is priced at SGD$49.90.

Or this one, with a contrast zip and drawstring.
Also from H&M, it comes in five colors. (SGD$39.90)

You can also try something printed. 
Like this dip dye check hoody (that's how they spelled it) from Topman.

If you are a bit sportier, you can choose a raglan hoodie.
This one is from Cotton On (SGD$44.95).

If you are a lot more sportier, try nylon instead.
Liking this gray and teal jacket from Cotton On.
Plus points, it is on sale now at SGD$20.00 only.

Of course you can also get hoodies from sportswear brands like adidas, nike, puma etc. The choice is yours.

See yah later!

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