Monday, October 29, 2012

Fashion Essentials: The Denim Jacket Project

I have been trolling the malls and thrift stores for the perfect denim jacket. Though there are some runner ups here and there, there is always something a bit off. Maybe the jacket is too big, or the sleeves are too long, or too short! I want something with a little heft, and with interesting details. Unsurprisingly, I have found it from the sale rack at Topman! Most of my friends will know that I have a sizable amount of clothes from Topman. Well, what can I say, I love their basic tee which comes in whole plethora of colors. I have shirts in rust, pinks of different variations, blues, greens, purples all from Topman. Not to mention, a pair of pants in red and another one in purple.

Anyway, lemme share some back story of the denim jacket which I got. It is from a collaboration  from Topman and six different designers to recreate the denim jacket. One of the designers is "Shaun Samson". 

When I first saw him, I immediately thought he looks like a Filipino. Well what do you know! After much searching, found out that he indeed is one. Mabuhay kabayan!

Anyway, he is a young designer born in California and now residing in London. He has degrees from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (LA) and Central St Martins. He does amazing menswear pieces which is one part preppy, one part gangster, 100% cool. His Cali sensibilities shows in his pieces.

tdenim6 Topman Denim Jacket Project
The Denim Jacket

I chose to use the photo above with the model's back to us as it showcases what captures my attention. Shaun has added a layer of mesh/net material in the back of the denim jacket adding some rock and roll flavor to the typical denim jacket. The only downside is that the jacket is lined, which means, I can only wear it in really cold conditions. (My office, LOL, for example).

I apologize as I don't have a picture of myself in it, lousy blogger! You might catch a glimpse of me wearing it when I post it in instragram (Follow me there, and on twitter, too! @eli_AR).

See yah later!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Style Icon: Johnny Depp

I have always admired Johnny Depp. Style-wise, he can do no wrong. Yes, he isn't the most fashionable actor out there, but he always dresses for nobody's pleasure. I love that there is always something off in whatever he's wearing. Maybe a scruffy pair pf shoes with a nice suit, some layered skinny scarves wrapped nonchalantly around his neck or a beat up leater jacket. And his movie portrayals are very admirable. Have you watched "What's Eating Gilbert Grape"? How about "Cry Baby"? Hmm,. "Sleepy Hollow"?

Fortunately for me, I didn't have to search high and low for Johnny Depp's lookbook as the guys over at The Cut has done just that recently. 

Let's get it on with the pictures. Imma start with the newest pics, leading onto the older ones. Enjoy!

Taken during the Dark Shadows press conference in Japan.
I'm having a serious case of jacket envy with his beaten up leather jacket.

Dude cleans up pretty nicely. 
He wears a mean three-piece suit at the premiere of The Rum Diary in London.

Rocking the vest/waistcoat for a TV appearance in Late Show With David Letterman, NYC.

In Cannes, France. Note the distressed cream jeans, suspenders (no belts here), plus an ascot, a hat, glasses, pocket square and so on. He knows the power of accessories.

Here he is in his casual look, at Narita International Airport, Japan.
Love the striped shirt, layered under everything

Loving the print on his double breasted coat.

In a double breasted suit and burgundy tie and pocket square for the New York premiere of Sweeny Todd. Oh! and the scruffy shoes! 

Loving the fit of his shirt, not to mention the multiple rings and layered accessories.

With Vanessa Paradis, at the Academy Awards.

Mixing prints like a boss! Glen plaid coat and a striped shirt.

My favorite film: Sleepy Hollow

And did you know that him and Kate Moss used to be an item?

Young love! Leather love!

In Cry Baby

Lovely glasses you got here! (Photo: 1988)

Ending this post with a 1987 photo for 21 Jump Street.

Now it's your turn. Who are you fashion icons?

PS. He was awarded by the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) as a Style Icon for 2012.

See yah later!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lana Del Rey for H&M Winter 2012

And the wait is over. Last week, I blogged about Lana Del Rey being the face of H&M this Fall/Winter. Lo and behold, here are the photos for shot by Sølve Sundsbø.

Lana Del Rey
LDR poses in a biker-style jacket and sexy skinny pants.

Lana Del Rey
Let's do this lying down this time.
She dons a faux fur waistcoat, or if you prefer to call it a vest, that'll do as well.

Lana Del Rey
Doing the booty tooch, in a belted, padded jacket.

Lana Del Rey
And there you have it fashion folks!
LDR finishes it up in a lovely knit sweater

I am just wondering, will H&M post another video for this shoot? We'll wait and see. Anyway, let me end this post with Lana Del Rey's epic 10 minute music video, "Ride". Not my favorite though, but this is her latest video out. Enjoy!

See yah later!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Brad Pitt for Chanel No.5

Well, what do you know? It's another Brad Pitt post here in Dandy Bohemian. This time, Brad fronts Chanel's latest ad for its top selling perfume "No.5". I am loving the black and white or grayscale look of the video. 


Below are a few outtakes I managed to get.

 Brad Pitt shot by Sam Taylor-Wood for the Chanel No. 5 campaign

Brad Pitt and Joe Wright

The photographs above are from Sam Taylor-Wood, while the forthcoming print campaign's pictures were taken by Steven Klein.

And here is the video, "inevitable".

What do you think? Share your comments below.

See yah later!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Brad Pitt for Interview Magazine Oct/Nov 2012

Interview Magazine just released their cover star for October/November 2012. It is none other than Brad Pitt. Oh yes, girls wanna be with him and guys wanna be him, or look like him. I have always been a fan of Brad Pitt. He has done some very nice movies (Fight Club) and not so nice ones (Troy, sorry!). But his movie characters are always interesting.

Fashion-wise, I have read that he tends to mirror his partner's clothing choices. Like being soon-to-be Mr. Angelina Jolie, Brad has worn leather and darker clothes. He was a bit more laidback when Jennifer Aniston and him were dating. I guess its a good thing. He's a man's man yet he shows his affection towards his partner through clothes.

Anway, back to the Interview. It was by Guy Ritchie, photographed by Steven Klein and styled by Ludivine Poiblanc. In the photos, it captures the many faces of Brad Pitt. Enjoy!

Brad Pitt
The cover star on the cover page.
Jacket and Shirt by Greg Lauren; T-shirt by Topman; Sunglasses, Pitt's own; 
Rings by Camilla Dietz Bergeron and David Yurman

Arrr! Pirate Pitt wears an eye patch by Astuko Kudo and T-Shirt by Kaufman's Army & Navy.

Looking very dandy in a Versace Jacket and Lanvin Shirt. Accessories includes a necklace by Camilla Dietz Bergeron and a bracelet David Yurman. Pitt wears his own ring.

Wonder what Brad Pitt looks like in dreads? Wonder no more!
Sweater is from A Child of Jago.

My personal favorite, because of the huge floppy bowtie.
Pitt wears robe and bowtie by Tom Ford and shirt by Giorgio Armani. Accessories do make a man sometimes, Pin by Camilla Dietz Bergeron, watch by Cartier and ring by David Yurman.

So is the magazine out now? Gotta go check the bookstores.

See yah later!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lana Del Rey for H&M

This Fall, prepare to fall in love with Lana Del Rey for H&M. Though not a lot of people like her as much as I do. I think she is stunning and her songs are amazing. They sound like they are from the past but with very current lyrics. I have been listening to a whole lot of her songs and she sounds awesome in all of them.

Anyway, H&M has released images from its Fall 2012 ad campaign, featuring Lana Del Rey photographed by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

The mood of the collection seems very very fitting to LDR's fashion sense. Below are a few photos from 
Rocking the peplum blouse which also comes in  burgundy and black.
Paired with printed pants and pigtails, cute!

Pretty in bows on her hair and a white coat.

Looking out into nothingness in a tweed dress and fancy earrings.

The ads is accompanied with a video of LDR performing a cover of "Blue Velvet". Directed by  Johan Renck, the music video will be edited and used as TV commercials.

Plus a behind the scenes because who doesn't love to peek what goes on behind shooting these things.

LDR will also appear for H&M's Winter 2012 collection. The ads will be shot by Solve Sundsbo. Can't wait for that one.

See yah later!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fashion Essentials: Bringin' it to the Hood

The "Hoodie" it is. I was always been a fan of hoodies. Specially the plain cotton ones worn over basic tee, jeans and sneakers.

Case in point: 

This lovely shade of gray on this jacket in sweatshirt fabric from H&M
They also come in navy blue and burgundy as is priced at SGD$49.90.

Or this one, with a contrast zip and drawstring.
Also from H&M, it comes in five colors. (SGD$39.90)

You can also try something printed. 
Like this dip dye check hoody (that's how they spelled it) from Topman.

If you are a bit sportier, you can choose a raglan hoodie.
This one is from Cotton On (SGD$44.95).

If you are a lot more sportier, try nylon instead.
Liking this gray and teal jacket from Cotton On.
Plus points, it is on sale now at SGD$20.00 only.

Of course you can also get hoodies from sportswear brands like adidas, nike, puma etc. The choice is yours.

See yah later!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall Fashion Wishlist 2012

Living in the tropics has its advantages and disadvantages style-wise.

On the plus side, we don't have seasons. You can wear a tee, a pair of jeans and sneakers all year round. Maybe, you can pull off a jacket when it rains. This means that the t-shirt you bought in May will still wearable come December. This fits the bohemian in me. 

The downside is that it gets pretty boring. Because you wear the same things over and over again. My dandy side will not be happy. Stores do carry nice woolen coats and puffy jackets but unless I'm flying to some place colder, I'm not buying them.

So what's a guy gonna do? Buy in fall colors, that is. Think burnt orange, burgundy, brown, forest green, navy and/or royal blue, purple, teal and list goes on. Leave the neon stuff behind as fall calls for darker, richer colors. 

Below are a few stuff you might be interested to get this fall.

First on my list are chinos/trousers/pants. Something in deep red or green as a base for my  gray t-shirts. If you are not ready for full on pants in burgundy, try buying a pair of shorts in these colors instead.

I have been on the look out for burgundy trousers and this might fit the bill. 
This pair is from Topman and is priced at £28.00, roughly SGD$60. Although it will probably costs more in Singapore stores.

Second option is this pair of dark green trousers from H&M and is a steal at SGD$39.90 only.
I love that there is a slight stretch in the pant's leg. 

You can also choose a safer colored trousers like this pair from Asos (SGD$55.04) in navy.
It is slim and not skinny! With a straight leg and is 100% Cotton

Now for shoes, I guess most guys should have at least two pairs in their arsenal. Something in leather (genuine or not) for formal or corporate looks and a sneaker for play. I said sneaker, not your athletic one that you wear when running.

Loving the basic, no fuss shape of this shoe and it comes in burgundy or brown.
SGD 79.90 from H&M.

My go-to sneakers will always be a pair of white low cut Chuck Taylors.

Lastly, I am always on the look out for cardigans. Though, I live in the tropics, it gets chilly sometimes. I wear them all the time at work as our office temp gets pretty cold during mid afternoon. Or in theaters/movie-houses.

This cute burgundy cardigan from Topman gets my vote as polka dots is one of my favorite prints.

Another option is this cardigan from H&M.
It comes in perfect colors like burgundy, blue, green and this basic beige number.
Priced at SGD$24.90.

So there you go, I'm not saying you go out and buy them altogether and wear them at the same time. You can pair the trousers featured above with a white/gray dress shirt and call it a day. Pair the leather shoes with your trusty denims. Or wear the polka dot cardigan with a plain tee and cutoffs on a night on a beach perhaps. The choice is yours.

See yah later!

Let me Introduce Myself

Hello everyone!

My name is Elizar Sto Domingo, a Filipino currently based in Singapore. And I am a blogger. Or at least I think I am.

I used to blog more often but work and laziness got in the way so I decided to stop for a while. Plus my previous blog was a mess. It was supposed to be a fashion/lifestyle-centric blog but my obsession with a certain show got a little crazy.  You can still visit it at dandy bohemian and then come back here again.

So, I didn't change the name of my blog because it is still me who's blogging anyway. Still the dandy bohemian here. And the web address is available, so why not. Think of it as a better dressed, dandier bohemian. One who irons his shirts and pairs it with bleached denims and trusty black or white converse. 

Hope that this blog will show my perspective on fashion, style and everything else in between.

See yah later!

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