Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Top 5 Travel Items

I will be travelling to Bali,  Indonesia in exactly two weeks from today and I am extremely excited. Though I have been to Bali three years ago, this is my first time exploring the sights as a tourist. The last time I was there was for work so I wasn't able to see anything much.

Anyway, I have been thinking of what items should I bring and hopefully this will help you in your travels. See you!

1. Sunblock.

Travelling to the tropics will require sufficient sun protection. Besides a hat, sunblock should be your number 1 travel companion. I will be bringing my Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock with SPF 50+ which is light and non-greasy.

2. Beachwear.

Now that our skin has been slathered with sunscreen, we can happily frolic in the sun in beachwear. I will be bringing two pairs of swim shorts for my four day-trip so I have a spare one when the other pair is wet. I got mine from Topman and Cotton On.

3. Footwear.

There will be a lot of walking as my friends have planned to visit temples and museums throughout our Bali trip, so I will definitely pack comfortable footwear. I haven't decided which shoes to wear but it is most likely be a slip-on or an espadrille. Also, pretty much everyone in south east Asia wears flip flops and not just on the beach, so a standby pair will be nice.

4. Passport Holder.

I got mine from Muji and it has been a lifesaver because I can put all the important cards like my ID, credit card, etc. I also keep my cash in a zipped compartment. It may seem rather dorky but it helps a lot so I don't misplace an important card in the rush to make your flight. My passport holder also has a space for pen which is always necessary to fill up the embarkation card.

5. Zipper Storage Bags.

Besides the obvious reasons of keeping your toiletries in these bags, I also use them to store other items such as dirty socks and underwear. For this trip, it will probably store my wet swim shorts so I can shove it in my luggage without having to worry about having the rest of my luggage dry.

I have only listed the top 5 items I can think of right now, there will probably a part two of this series in a few days.

See you soon!

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